We're dedicated to advancing sustainable construction through eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient roofing systems like solar and green roofs and responsible waste management practices.

Sustainability goes beyond environmental benefits. It's a smart choice. Through sustainable roofing solutions, we empower our customers to lower costs, boost energy efficiency, and create healthier, eco-friendly buildings that will benefit generations to come.
Keith Murphy
Design Manager
Roofing Solar Panels
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Contributing to a Greener Future

  • Responsible Waste Management

    Select Roofing manages waste on-site in line with main contractor’s environmental policy. We responsibly manage waste by designing off-site through 3D BIM Modelling, cutting in-house fabrications bespoke to each detail.
  • Scheduling and Ordering

    BIM allows Select Roofing to schedule and order materials in line with the 3D building asset to ensure less wastage, and less time of materials stored on-site.
  • Green & Brown Roofs

    Green roofs installed by Select Roofing help clients achieve BREEAM certifications. We install extensive, and intensive green roofs for clients to ensure all sustainability goals are achieved.

Relevant Projects

Scope Roofing & Cladding Roof 38,000 m2 Cladding 16,000 m2

Scope Roofing & Cladding Roof 4,300 m2 Cladding 4400 m2