Green & Brown Roof System

The 21st century saw a surge in the development of diverse roofing systems driven by the growing demand to meet stringent environmental goals.

Select Roofing have been the Roofing & Cladding sub-contractor on the last 5 logistical / warehouse units with us. I have found there team, both design and on-site, to be very helpful & professional, focused on getting the job done correctly with minimum fuss.

I would have no problems in recommending Select Roofing for similar projects and hope to see them again on further units going forward.
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Graham Cole
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Green & Brown Roof System

Green Roofs Installed

Alongside this trend was a new wave of architectural flair, pushing the boundaries of roofing design to improve the aesthetics of city centre or urban sites. We understand that the challenge with roofing systems like this is not in the design but in the maintenance. We are experts in future proofing, building and maintaining complex roof systems.

Select Roofing is the leading authority in Ireland for the design, installation and maintenance of green roofs, brown roofs and biodiverse roofs in line with the highest European standards.

Whether designing lush rooftop orchards, sports pitches or landscaping extensive brown roofs, our expertise spans all types of living roof systems. Be assured, we strictly adhere to the stringent Green Roof Organisation code of practice, devising high-quality installations that effortlessly blend environmental consciousness with exceptional design.

What You Can Expect from Select Roofing

  • Extensive services

    From initial design to seamless installation and ongoing maintenance, our comprehensive knowledge and range of services for green and brown roof systems means we can integrate with the whole design and construction team to meet the project delivery requirements.
  • Enhance sustainability

    We’ll help you meet your sustainability goals. The quality of our roofing systems contributes to the key performance indicators expected for any building – enhanced air quality, reduce energy consumption and biodiversity.
  • Specialists in design, installation and maintenance

    Living roofs are complex undertakings that require specialist expertise. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge, ensuring that every aspect of your project, from vegetation selection to waterproofing and drainage systems, is planned and executed to the highest standard.

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