External Building Envelope

Leading architects and structural engineers enjoy working with us because we deliver on both the design and performance goals.

Select Roofing have been the Roofing & Cladding sub-contractor on the last 5 logistical / warehouse units with us. I have found there team, both design and on-site, to be very helpful & professional, focused on getting the job done correctly with minimum fuss.

I would have no problems in recommending Select Roofing for similar projects and hope to see them again on further units going forward.
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Graham Cole
Architect, JSA Architects

External Building Envelope

Aside from aesthetics, we understand how the building envelope solution must benefit the overall building performance, whether this is achieving the air tightness goals set or management of real issues such as protecting the building from long-term moisture damage.

Working across many industry sectors, we’re known for our technical expertise and commitment to excellence, enabling our clients to build enduring, safe, and environmentally-conscious building envelopes that meet energy efficiency, moisture and air infiltration regulations and make a visually impactful approach.

We blend our own innovative design approach with an understanding of building regulations, sustainability directives, fire safety challenges and material viability, helping our clients overcome complex yet all too common challenges relating to building envelope delivery.

What You Can Expect from Select Roofing

  • Embedded resilience

    Whatever the materials, buildings are vulnerable to temperature variations and climate conditions which can significantly impact its performance. Our team of qualified engineers will help you design robust building components to suit the design specification of your external envelope.
  • Incredible performance

    We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainable design, delivering low-carbon, energy efficient buildings that go above and beyond the needs of your occupants.
  • Safety excellence

    We are deeply committed to the safety of our clients and people. From our meticulous designs to our stringent onsite safety protocols, we uphold the highest health and safety standards throughout every project.

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