Cladding & Architecture Facade

You’ll find our architectural facades and wall claddings on iconic buildings across Ireland.

I've worked with Select Roofing on numerous projects, and they have consistently delivered. Key contributors during pre-site design coordination, their expertise in cladding systems is unmatched. Select Roofing has been an invaluable partner in my projects, and I recommend their services to anyone seeking top-quality cladding solutions.
Niall Woods
Director, RIAI (Arch Tech) Dip Proj Mgt

Cladding & Architecture Facade

We’re trusted by leading architects and designers working on behalf of well known names such as the National Gallery and the Central Bank of Ireland. Our comprehensive range of cladding and facade services covers the entire construction life cycle, from design to procurement to testing and installation.

Our clients choose Select Roofing because we know how to deliver on their vision, exceeding their expectations for high performance, innovation, quality and, of course, safety.

What You Can Expect from Select Roofing

  • Comprehensive solutions

    From copper rain-screening to smooth silver cladding panels and architectural glass, we have the materials, finishes, and panel shapes to turn any design dream into reality.
  • In-depth expertise

    Our expert consultants follow an exacting process, protecting you from risk and complexity, meeting compliance standards and maximising your investment’s value.
  • Safety by design

    Fire safety is a paramount concern in facade design. With unrivalled expertise in this domain, we offer invaluable guidance on material choice and facade system configuration to enhance fire resistance performance.

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