Select Roofing Secures Claremont Howth Project

Select Roofing is proud to announce its collaboration with Walls Construction to provide sustainable green roof solutions for the prestigious Marlet Property Group’s Claremont development located in Howth. This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing environmental consciousness in construction practices.

Project Overview

The Claremont development will see Select Roofing designing and installing green roof build-ups across its four blocks: A, B, C, and D. This project aligns with our dedication to installing sustainable roofing solutions, emphasising the importance of eco-friendly building practices in modern urban developments.

3D Render of aerial view of Claremont development.
3D Render of Claremont Howth

Environmental Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs not only add to the visual appeal of buildings but also offer numerous environmental advantages. By improving air quality, managing water runoff, and providing habitats for pollinators, they contribute to creating healthier and more sustainable urban environments.

Technical Details

Select Roofing will install approximately 9,000 m2 Paralon torch on felt system with Paratherm Insulation and 6,000 m2 of Green Seedum system across the development’s units. With over twenty-three years of industry experience, Select Roofing is committed to delivering market-leading roofing solutions tailored to client requirements.

Our expert technical design and operations teams ensure the Claremont development meets its sustainability goals without compromising performance.

Expert Insight

Damian Carroll, Technical Designer at Select Roofing, expressed excitement about securing the project with Walls Construction for Marlet Property Group. He emphasised that “there is increasing demand for sustainable green roof solutions” in modern designs, highlighting how “Select Roofing’s experience and expertise enhance the design process.”

By partnering with Walls Construction and Select Roofing, Marlet Property Group sets a benchmark for sustainable construction practices, fostering a greener future for urban developments like Claremont, Howth.

Do You Have a Green Roof Project in Your Pipeline?

If you have a green roof project in your pipeline for 2024, reach out to our estimators today. Our expert team design and installs sustainable roofing solutions for diverse project sectors. 


Do you have a roofing and cladding project of this scale in your pipeline for 2024? Speak to our estimators today to quote your roofing and cladding works.

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Select Roofing is proud to announce its collaboration with Walls
Select Roofing is proud to announce its collaboration with Walls
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