Select Roofing Completes Mammoth Warehouse Unit in Dundalk

In an exciting milestone, Select Roofing has completed one of the largest roofing and cladding projects in Ireland, completing a large warehouse in Dundalk collaborating with TSL Projects and Coughlan DeKeyser Architects.

Covering a vast area of 38,000m2 of roofing and 16,000m2 of cladding, this project was completed in an accelerated eleven-week programme.

In addition, an extra 4,000m2 of roof lights (704no.) were installed as well as 1,200m of preformed insulated gutters and extensive flashings package, both of which were fabricated in-house. This project stands out in the company’s diverse portfolio, emphasising our position as ‘Ireland’s Go-To Roofing and Cladding Specialists’ in delivering comprehensive roofing and cladding solutions.

Dundalk Warehouse Aerial roof view
Aerial View of the 38,000m2 Roof and Rooflights installed.

A standout accomplishment on this project is the impressive speed with which the Select Roofing project team achieved a fully watertight building in just 11 weeks. This not only highlights the company’s dedication to meeting project deadlines but also showcases our commitment to delivering the best results efficiently.

Commenting on the project delivery, Contracts Manager, Carl Murphy said:

The accelerated handover highlights our client-focused approach here at Select Roofing, allowing for an early handover to ensure a smooth transition to the operational phase of the building. Handing over a project such as this was a great achievement to round off a busy 2023 before the Christmas break.

Integral to the project’s success is Select Roofing’s commitment to health and safety. Boasting an impeccable record of zero lost hours on site, the company prioritised the well-being of our teams, implementing strict safety measures throughout the project.

Breaking Down the Build

Premium materials played a crucial role in enhancing the project’s success. Select Roofing installed products including Kingspan RW roof panels, Day-Lite Trapezoidal Rooflights (DLTR) from Kingspan, RW cladding, and Architectural Wall Panels. These high-quality materials ensure the longevity and durability of the structure.

Side elevation view of Dundalk Warehouse
Dundalk Warehouse

Kingspan’s RW roof panels, renowned for exceptional thermal performance, contribute to enhanced energy efficiency and sustainability. 704no. DLTR roof lights from Kingspan promote natural lighting within the large unit. The combination of RW cladding and architectural wall panels adds an aesthetic dimension to the external envelope. The building achieved an air tightness value of less than 0.87.

The project’s scale, coupled with the rapid timeline and exemplary safety record, sets a new benchmark for efficiency and excellence for our team. The company’s ability to deliver on a large scale while prioritising the well-being of its workforce reflects a holistic approach to project management.

This project serves as a testament to our teams’ capabilities and dedication to client satisfaction. The successful handover and early occupancy of the building highlight our commitment to surpassing client expectations. 

With a proven track record of excellence, Select Roofing continues to solidify its position as Ireland’s ‘Go-To’ solution provider for roofing and cladding projects of all sizes and complexities.

Key Takeaways

  • 38,000m2 roof area
  • 16,000m2 cladding area
  • 4,000m2, or 704no. roof lights were installed to allow natural light into the building
  • Select Roofing’s team had the building watertight in an accelerated 11-week programme.
  • Select Roofing installed products including Kingspan R/W roof panels, Day-Lite Trapezoidal Rooflight (DLTR) roof lights from Kingspan, RW cladding, and architectural wall panels.
  • Received an air tightness score of less than 0.87.
  • Zero lost hours achieved on site, underpinning our commitment to excellence in health and safety.


Do you have a roofing and cladding project of this scale in your pipeline for 2024? Speak to our estimators today to quote your roofing and cladding works.

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