Roof Condition Surveys

Flat Roof Survey Service

The value of roof maintenance cannot be overstated. It has the capacity to prolong the effective life of a roof by many years avoiding major incidents with leakage, recurring heat loss and eventual outlays for replacement or refurbishment.

Unfortunately, it is most often the case that people only look for roofing maintenance when there is already a problem, at which point, serious damage may have occurred to the roof structure. The old adage ‘A stitch in time…’ is as applicable to roofing as it is to clothes repair and it is advisable that your roofing is regularly checked and maintained to avoid larger future problems and expenditure.

In many cases, materials suppliers offer this type of service, some in a very limited format, and sometimes free of charge. However, normally the client is then committed to using only their (usually expensive, and often inappropriate) specifications and materials.

At Select Roofing, we can independently offer

  • Visual survey only, with defects list supplied.
  • Non-destructive ‘Spark-testing’ (also known as Holiday Testing). Note that this test does not work on non-conductive surfaces such as Rubber roofing, but is an ideal roof condition survey for finding the smallest weaknesses in single-ply (PVC/TPO etc) membranes.
  • Appropriate Detailed roof condition surveys, to include AutoCAD Roof Plan, photographic record, roof build-up and historic details as available, U-value and Condensation Risk analysis, list of considerations required before undertaking work to roof, analysis of problems on roof, (eg, drainage, poor detailing, membrane condition, damage, etc), generic recommendations, and costings. The report can also point out any other structural defects found at roof level in the Building Fabric.
  • Opening-up/core testing of roof to fully determine the build-up and/or condition, if required.

At Select Roofing we are experts in the surveying and assessing of all types of roofing. We provide all kinds of roof condition surveys from sight only to opening up and going in-depth in a roof to determine the status of all of its core elements.


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