Liquid Coating Roofing Systems

Liquid Roofing Systems are cold applied systems for both cold and warm roof designs. It involves the application of a liquid based coating to a roof that cures to form a flexible elastomeric waterproof membrane designed to adjust to fixings, seams, welds and joints with ease. As well as being cold applied, a liquid coating offers a seamless roof finish and is ideal for long term waterproofing of awkward roof details such as pipe penetrations, upstands and gutters.

Liquid Roofing can be applied to various materials including felt, concrete, asbestos, metal and more. They provide long lasting protective solutions for all types of flat and pitched roofs including skid inhibiting walkways and balcony systems. Liquid coating roofing systems can be applied over older materials for refurbishment projects or during new builds.

At Select Roofing we work with only the best international producers when it comes to the roofing solutions that we offer to our clients. For liquid coating roofing systems this means Sikalastic and Enka who are the global leaders in liquid roofing innovation and production and provide a wide range of liquid roofing products to suit all kinds of building types and underlying materials.


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