Composite Metal Panel Roofing

Insulated roof composite panels have been the most popular roof finish to most of modern day buildings and re-clad situations in Ireland today.

Composite panels comprising of two skins of steel (or aluminium) but with rigid polyurethane insulation factory bonded to the steel faces eliminating the possibility of cold spots and interstitial condensation.

With its high performance, versatility, and speed of installation, the composite panel is widely regarded as a superior product to the built up system.

At Select Roofing we work with only the highest quality composite metal panel roofing materials and our staff have been expertly trained to deliver the highest quality service in Ireland. We have full licensing and Factory Mutual agreements with the leading manufacturers in the industry meaning we are fully certified and insured to install composite metal panel roofing from:

Composite Metal Roofs are suitable for

  • retail
  • distribution
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • leisure
  • hospital
  • education

projects and here at Select Roofing we have designed and installed composite metal roofs across the full spectrum of buildings around Ireland.

Get in contact with us today to speak to our team of composite metal panel roofing experts about how Select Roofing can advise on and install a wide range of composite metal panel roofs as part of our total roofing solutions.


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