Bauder Total Roof System

Bauder are one of the leading global suppliers of flat and green roofing systems. Their industry-leading and technologically advanced bitumen products provide a versatile option for roofing and waterproofing needs in terms of budget, performance and functionality.

For flat-roofing systems Bauder are a trusted and innovative supplier of reinforced bitumen membrane systems, single ply systems, and cold liquid applied systems as well as hot melt structural waterproofing systems.

The Bauder Total Roof System is considered the industry leader for integrated robust bitumen waterproofing with thermal efficiency. Integrating progressive technology, this patented system comprises a variety of membranes to allow for a truly bespoke specification.

Key features of the Bauder Total Roof System

  • Heavy duty, robust and extremely tough.
  • Exceptional life expectancy, in excess of 40 years.
  • Capable of withstanding permanently sited loads of up to 2000Kg/m².
  • 5mm cap sheets with high tensile strength and choice of 3 colours.
  • Ability to withstand climatic extremes of 100°C variation and temperature shocks such as at the edge of ice and water.
  • DUO products incorporate patented technology to minimise the use of flame.
  • Option of special cap sheet for green roof applications.
  • BBA Certificate 10/4744
  • Guaranteed for 20 years.

Green Roofing

Bauder also provides an extensive range of green roofing options which are becoming increasingly popular as eco-friendly building incentives and carbon offsetting change the landscape of commercial construction.

  • Biodiverse and Brown Roofs – replicate an ecological environment and provide a natural living habitat to encourage a wider species of flora, insect and fauna.
  • Extensive Sedum Blanket – lightest weight option available with hardy, pre-cultivated sedum vegetation for instant greening of the roof
  • Extensive Substrate-based Systems – greater depth of substrate allowing for a broader range of self-sufficient plants including grasses, herbs and succulents
  • Intensive Recreational Roofs – where the design may include lawns, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees all intermixed with paths, driveways and patios. These roofs may also be converted to become vegetable plots, sports grounds or park land.

At Select Roofing we are dedicated to offering the widest range of the best international roofing and waterproofing products to our customers. The Bauder range of roofing systems has unique qualities and advantages and we are fully licensed to utilise and install their products.


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