Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, made up of long thin fibres and was commonly used in roofing and construction for fire proofing, thermal insulation and as an acoustic insulator. However it was discovered that these fibres when inhaled as dust contributed to increased risk of lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Under EU legislation it is no longer possible to buy, use or re-use asbestos products however it is still in place in many roofs and buildings built before 1989. If removing an asbestos-containing roof, the material must go for disposal and cannot be re-used or adapted for re-use.

If you are unsure as to whether a product contains asbestos, you can contact the manufacturer or supplier directly to find out if asbestos is contained in the product. You can also contact the expert team at Select Roofing who can perform a site survey to establish whether or not your roof contains asbestos.

Though asbestos removal can be a complex procedure Select Roofing will strive to make sure all asbestos removal work is carried out in a highly efficient manner minimising disruption to building use while guaranteeing adherence to the highest safety protocols.

We provide a complete asbestos stripping and replacing solution which is tailored completely to your building needs including stage-by-stage removal and relaying. Select Roofing are fully trained and licensed for the stripping, bagging and transportation of asbestos materials so there is no requirement for separate co-ordination with other specialist firms or the risk of material not being collected promptly.

As part of our asbestos removal service we provide

  • Detailed survey and project strategy
  • Stripping of all asbestos containing material
  • Replacement with new roofing
  • Removal and disposal of all asbestos materials
  • Full certification and insurance details provided
  • Asbestos removal consignment notes

So talk to the asbestos removal and replacement experts at Select Roofing today to find out how we can provide the perfect solution to any asbestos roofing issues. You can call us on 01 4642534 in Ireland or 0044 1753701109 in the UK, e-mail us at or use the button below.